I had a weird Mother’s Day this year




Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the mother’s and mother figures out there! My mother’s day was all over the place. I picked up my parents and we all went to the Delta Bistro and Lounge inside University Plaza for a fancy buffet brunch. I forced them to go outside and pose for some couple shots real quick. One day, they’ll relearn the proper way to smile. *face palm* A stranger offered to take a family photo of us but didn’t hold the button down long enough to actually get a photo. Oh well. We managed to get it while we were inside the restaurant, at least.

I’ve been working on a scrapbook of the trip my mom and I took back in 2013 to the Philippines to bury my grandmother. It was a painful trip, but a lot of good memories were made while we were there. The way I saw it was that two years was enough time. We needed to start remembering it fondly. The book isn’t finished yet, though; the pictures are printed and the journaling cards have been made, but only 3 days have complete journaling done. She’s going to enjoy it as it is for now and help me finish it by filling in the missing information later. She’s cool with it. Oh, and I totally got her to cry a little bit with it. *fist pump* I’m super screwed for my present ideas next year, haha!




On a more sad note, our fun MD festivities were stunted by having to attend a memorial service for my godfather’s father, who passed away at 91 last week. Though it’s sad that he will no longer be with his family, he’s not suffering anymore and was blessed enough to see his great grandchildren come into this world (the oldest being 15 years old). Not very many people are so lucky to have so many bonus years, as my mom calls them. Those are the years you get after 60.

Additionally, my straightener went kapoots on me after 10 years of glorious hair service. Really not bad for a mall kiosk brand appliance. Still really unfortunate for me. My hair frizzes a lot for being super straight, so I’m not looking forward to the next few days to a week of my life leading up to me getting my new one. This was not another expense I needed before going to Disneyland in addition to getting my car serviced and paying my car’s registration. *sigh* So, I’m taking recommendations now to look into.

For now, I’m taking this time to recover from the 48 hours of intense last-minute scrapbooking I had to do and trying to recenter my focus back on the store. I’m going to be pushing back into it hard soon. So excited to finally have the ability to work on it again. Sorry if you’ve been waiting for better updates than that.

So yeah, guys, what straighteners are you using? How long has yours lasted for? Any leads for a new one is super helpful! Have a good week, everyone!


This Outfit:
Shirt – Anne Taylor LOFT (old)
Pants – Anne Taylor LOFT (old)
Sunglasses – Forever 21 (old)
Shoes – Old Navy (old, not shown)
Purse – ModCloth (old, exact)

Portrait Studio: Ms. Olivia and the Garcia Family Shoot


This past weekend, I got to do the 2015 photos for Ms. Olivia and the Garcia Family as a whole. You’ll probably remember this adorable baby from last year (see photos here; the post was lost in the crash). Sarah found out about this wonderful location in town called West 12 Ranch, a horse ranch that rents out time to photographers to use for those classic farm and field shots. I now have a new location for photographs and I’m so excited about it! Now, enjoy these adorable baby and family photos!





















Her Universe & Hot Topic bring us adorable new Marvel clothes!

heruniverse_hottopicleft | right


The geek chic universe is a blazed with the happy news of Her Universe teaming up with Hot Topic for a special line of Marvel character inspired clothing from winning designers of the Her Universe and Hot Topic fashion show that was held at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con! The line features 4 dresses inspired by Captain America, Thor, Loki and Black Widow, as well as two jackets inspired by Black Widow and Iron Man. Right now, Hot Topic is taking pre-orders for the line’s release on May 12.

I absolutely love the retro look of all the designs! More so, I’m loving the Black Widow and Loki dresses like it’s nobody’s business. I could definitely see myself rocking the Black Widow dress at work or a night out with friends, or even at a formal event. It’s very subtle but so obvious when you realize what it’s supposed to be, and I’m all about that approach in my style! The Loki dress is just so darling and I can’t get over that patterned trim at the base of the skirt. Who doesn’t love green and gold together?!

These adorable designs will likely sell out fast, so head over to Hot Topic and get your pre-order in now! I learned this the hard way with the Cinderella clothing line. :(

Which piece would you love to take home? Is there a hero you wish would have been featured? I’m a little sad that Hulky didn’t get any love. Purple and green together is my jam!

Fitness Sauve


one | two | three | four

You probably remember me talking about getting healthy and working out some time ago. It did not work out well and I quit super easily and quickly. BUT NOT THIS TIME!

I have managed to get my lazy butt to the gym four full days last week, and I’m heading back in this afternoon! I’m so proud of myself, you guys! I haven’t worked out at a gym like this in about ten years and, I gotta tell you, it feels great!

My main focus is to take it slowly for right now. I know that pushing myself too hard in the past and getting impatient with my progress has kept me from achieving my goals, and I would really like for that to not happen this time around. I’m starting out with cardio (which I learned is just running/walking) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and doing cardio + strength (where I focus on muscle equipment) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Saturdays will be left to either a shit ton of chores or 30 minutes of at-home core exercises (otherwise known as working out the abs area).

I recently got my gym membership with a Fitness Evolution location that opened up not to long ago here in town. I signed up for their premium membership, which gives me access to all their locations, plus their tanning and message areas! The gym isn’t very big, but it’s still a great deal for only $15 a month.

How do you guys stay active? Any fitness gamers out there? Tell what games you’re doing, because I would love some recommendations for the weekends!