One Year Anniversary


A year ago today, I jumped head first into a relationship with a man who become my best friend, my love, my life. He changed my life for the better and continues to be my partner in life. He has helped me get closer to reaching my dreams, find the means to deal with and overcome the stressors and issues that come up in daily life, and doesn’t hold it against me when I cook a bad dish every once in a while. I’m extremely fortunate to have found someone so amazing, supportive, and loving.

Happy Anniversary, Mike!

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Life of a Bridesmaid: Dress Shopping





I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here or not, but my boyfriend’s sister asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding on April 11, 2014! I’m pretty ridiculously excited about it. This past Saturday, we all trekked up to Pinole, CA to visit the David’s Bridal shop. It was a pretty exciting time as she’s the second child and first girl to be married in the family.

I have never been a bridesmaid before. The majority of my friends are unmarried or married well before I became from with them. So, this is pretty exciting for me.

I’m happy to announce that Megan did find The One while we were there, but because the groom follows me on social media and there’s a chance he might see this, I can’t post the final choice until after the wedding. Sorry, kids. It’s pretty freaking gorgeous, though. Afterward, we all went to this adorable little Italian restaurant in town where the unfortunate beginnings of a cold kicked in pretty hardcore. There’s still a really high chance that the sneezing attack I experienced was due to the old ladies behind us being covered in cat dander.

Next up: finding my dress! We’re wearing black dresses with gold glitter heels for the wedding. I’m on the hunt for a fit-and-flare dress that may or may not have lace. Let me know if you’ve got any suggestions I should be on the look out for! Have you been a bridesmaid or a groomsman before? I’d love to hear about your experiences! I’m so new to all this!

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What’s in My Bag?


I carry so much crap in my purses that I’m constantly surprised I don’t have super toned arms and walk around lopsided by now. To my defense, I really do need all of this stuff on a daily basis. I essentially work three jobs: my day job, my blog and my coming-soon store. When you’re pulled in that many directions, your life begins to require a lot of things.

This is my Purse of All That is Needed, and is used the most of all my purses. I got the Get the Geolo-gist? Bag from the mystical, magical place that is ModCloth and utilized their online stylist chat feature to decide between this bag of awesomeness and some other bag, and I can’t tell you how happy I am that they helped me decide on this one.

There are deep pockets on every side that have had tissues, gloves, umbrellas, phones, and more in them. The front pocket has a zipper to keep everything from falling out, is deep enough for me to keep my makeup and/or makeup bag in it, with elastic-top pockets for pens, post-its, you name it. The top of the zipper bag has this fun little semi-hidden pocket that, no joke, fits my work phone. I’m rocking a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with an Otterbox case and that pocket takes it like a champ. The inside transforms into Mary Poppins bag and fits more crap than I could possibly need to carry but do anyways. And it was only $64.99! I’ve seen work totes and other handbags, but they don’t hold a candle to this baby. Alternatively, I can image a mom making great use of the space this bag has for a little one.

My Case Logic Compact Portable Hard Drive Storage Case holds the only things I truly love and care for in life. Just, you know, don’t tell the people I’m supposed to love and care for in life about this. *shifty eyes* Cases like this one keep your SD cards, flash drives and external storage all in one convenient place instead of digging for hours at the bottom of your purse for tiny little flash drives. My portable HDD and case are older, so always double check that what you’re getting will hold what you’ve got.

When you rock a big purse, you gotta have a wristlet. I love my Coach wristlets because they always have enough space to hold everything I need to run out to lunch with: lip gloss, cards, cash, and keys. I used to shove my iPhones into my wristlets when I had one a few years back.

Of course, I have to include my makeup bag. I recently switched my beauty box subscription to Ipsy and have been enjoying their makeup bags (September’s still my fav). They oddly hold my makeup better than any of my other makeup cases have before. All of my items are really varied in shape and size, so being able to hold my daily basics is important.

I have your average selection of loose items. My Toshiba Thrive is a bit of an old bird tablet, but she’s still my favorite. It was the first tablet to have USB, Micro USB, SD and HDMI plugs on it. When I’m not on my tablet, I’m catchin them all or working on Mama’s recipes on my Nintendo DS Lite. I always carry a few bags of tea with me between here and the office, and since getting sick recently, I also have some Emergen-C on me, too. Having a few snacks on you is always important. Gotta keep that energy up between all those Hobbit meals, yo. A few spare bobby pins and hair bands are a must, as is a small bottle of Nourish Organic Deeply Nourishing Coconut & Argon Body Lotion. I recently got into this brand through Ipsy and I’m in love with everything they make. Lastly, a pair of sweet sunglasses completes the set and I’m out the door on another adventure.

What’s in your purse/bag/backpack? I’d love to see your posts or pictures!

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Crafting Days of November








Crafting Days of November, otherwise known as The Week My ADHD Got Really Out of Hand and I Made a Bunch of Stuff as a Result and Burnt Myself At One Point.

It started out innocently enough. I wanted a fun banner in the dining room space to give our little mirror a little added something until I could figure out Christmas decor and more permanent design for that space. I went over to Memories for the Making here in little ol’ Lodi which is a scrapbook store my friend, Chelsea works at, and loaded up on some Bunting 101 and Ink Shading 101 for this sweet little banner. She hooked me up with cutting the banner pieces, letters, pumpkins and leaves for the piece. After we went to town on the shading (I did 2 letters in the time it took her to do all of the other ones), we had a fun little gluing party. The banner is actually two pieces because I couldn’t decide actually how I was going to hang this.

After getting ready to hang the banner, I accepted that I would have to do more to that wall because hanging the banner alone was not enough. INSERT OBLIGATORY TRIP TO JOANN’S HERE! Honestly, I went for flowers. I came out with flowers, floral wire, fabric, zippers, thread and biased tape. >_> Don’t judge me. Especially because I pulled together such a fun little garland using a few sets of the cheapest, and also on clearance, fall flowers they offered! I probably had this done in about 5-10 minutes and spent about $10 total on it. It’s an easy project and doesn’t require a lot of effort to show you applied effort at all into decorating. I’m planning on doing a bunch of craft tutorials soon for Christmas and Winter season prepping that I’ll be sharing with you all soon!

Once these two quick projects were done and out of the way, I set forth to washing and ironing the fabric for my pillow covers (a project I’ve been trying to accomplish for, seriously, the last 4-5 years). I’ve been seeing a lot of tutorials on Pinterest popping up lately on how to easily sew zippers onto pieces of fabric that were way easier than my sewing instructor and Grandma ever taught me. In the past, I was lucky enough to have had sewing machines that came with a zipper foot, but the one I was borrowing from my friend didn’t leave me so lucky. There are a lot of dress and skirt projects I want to work on in the future and figured that starting out with a pillow case is the best way to get back into the swing of things. Please note that you should not watch an intriguing movie and/or show whilst ironing. It is a good way to get burned. Also, measure your pillows before purchasing fabric. And make sure you’re working with 60″ wide fabric. I didn’t not do these things and ended up with a burn mark on my arm that looks like I tried to killed myself, black ombre pillows that barely had enough material to cover, and scrambling around my craft supplies area trying to find a spare 1/4 yard of black cotton to create a black center stripe for the muslin pillowcases.  Sad face is sad. The pillows came out great, though! You’ll see those in the future home tour I have planned!

Once I had the banner and floral garland hung and the pillows covered in their new cases, the next project I had lined up was my burlap stamped placemats based of this pinspiration and this pinspiration. I made great timing with starting this project because my Darby Smart Spoon Stamp Kit came in the same day I started working on the placemats! I’ve only made two placemats so far because I really want to do a quick tutorial on them. They ended up being a little bit harder than I expected, only because burlap material is difficult to deal with when cutting. Fibers get everywhere, it’s a mess. Unfortunately, I had no patience for cutting it the proper way. Here’s a link to those tutorials for those with the patience.

I don’t know if it was just my box/experience, but I ended up having to turn to Pinterest to figure out the best way to deal with stamping. I left a comment on Darby Smart regarding my missing instructions, but haven’t received a reply yet. I’m a little peeved off about that. I get that it’s pretty self explanatory, but I still would have liked the instructions in my box just in case. For those of you looking to move into the hobby of metal stamping, I would like to warn you that: 1. it’s a lot louder than you might expect it to be, so don’t do it late at night if you live in an apartment or your neighbors might complain; 2. you have to use your muscles extra here and pound the letters/numbers/symbols 3 or 4 times to get the indent; 3. you can move your letters a lot closer to each other than it might seem like you can; and lastly 4. the spoons in this set are the dinky little spoons used at tea time so keep that in mind when ordering. There’s nothing wrong with them being tiny because it gives you great practice material whether you’ll be using the tools for jewelry or serving ware. I was thinking they’d be normal-sized spoons.

I have to say that I’ve been having a blast with these projects. It’s been years since I’ve gotten to do hands-on crafts like this and I forgot how much I loved doing them. I’m really looking forward to the winter season and upcoming holidays for making more pieces.

What crafts have you been working on lately? Have they been season-related, or just general stuff you love to work on? Send me links to your blog posts or Instagram photos! I’d really love to see them!

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NaNoWriMo – Day 30! Congrats, everyone!


Congratulations, guys! If you were of the lucky ones finishing November 2014 with 50,000 words or more written, I salute you! Although I wasn’t able to accomplish that goal this year, I have in the past and know how much work goes into it. You should be really proud of yourself right now, no matter the reasons for your writing! This is something that you, and you alone, should be proud of.

What are you going to do with your story now? Publish it? Post it online? Have plans for next year’s NaNoWriMo? Let me know!

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NaNoWriMo – Day 15


I’m not going to lie, I greatly underestimated the hours I would have available to work on my story this year, but that’s ok.

For all you WriMo’s out there, today is a huge marker in the challenge: we’re all at the half-way point. By now, your word counts should be at 25,000 words. I’m only about 24k words behind. No big. *sweat drop*

Looking at this drastic difference in count, I know what I’ll need to do is serious planning to keep me moving forward. If you’re behind like I am, the best suggestion I can give you is to take a step back, think a little ahead about what you’re planning to write, and give yourself a clear path. This will help keep you focus and, in turn, get caught up on your word count.

But what if you’re stumped on a part and need ideas for your story? Maybe that’s why you’ve lost words and fallen behind? I would highly suggest checking out the Adoption Society. It’s a great place to swoop in on ideas unused given out to everyone to grab. Be curteous, though, and try to leave so ideas for others to use as well. To help yourself get in the group, stop by the NaNo Soundtracks forum page for some sweet tunes to write to. If you’re more of an adrenaline junkie, participate in one of the Word Wars, Prompts, & Sprints challenges. Open up in the forums; there are hundreds of thousands of people in the same boat as you and everyone is there to support each other.

What word count are you at? What story are you working on? Let me know in the comments below! Good luck, everyone!

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Geek Chic: The Cutest of All the Skull Kitties





Here’s something I haven’t had the chance to do in a while: a Geek Chic outfit post! *hugs* I’ve missed doing these so much!

So, the background is a tiny bit plain because I’m still in the process of migrating our new dining table from the Halloween decor to the Thanksgiving/Fall decor. Also, I’ve been working on the store quite a bit lately, so that’s been taking up all our eating space. It’s cool though, we’re making it work haha!

I’m really in love with this shirt and skirt as individuals, and would ship them together always if I could. This shirt because it’s ridiculously comfortable and fits perfectly. This skirt was from my most recent trip to Old Navy and was a chance item I found buried in between a bunch of jackets. It was the only one, in my size, and the perfect length. I hate finding circle skirts these days because I can almost never find one is an appropriate length (aka: doesn’t show my ass to everyone). I’m far too shy for too much cleavage or leg. I have one skirt that I call my Arianna Grande skirt (which looks a lot like most of the circle skirts she rocks). I wore it once for mine and Mike’s 1 month anniversary. I tried wearing it again and just started NOPE!-ing all over the place. That skirt has since been replaced by this beauty.

I recently fired back up my Nintendo DS Lite and DS and hit up GameStop for copies of Pokemon Black and White to introduce my darling to. Needless to say, there is much competition going strong to catch them all before the other person does. We are being kind enough to each other for trading. Took us a little while to figure out the logistics of the C-Gear (last version I was playing, and am still trying to finish, is Sapphire), but we managed a semi-successful battle and one successful Pokemon trade! Yay noobs! I watched Mike finish the story line for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare over the weekend while I worked on my store. The graphics in that game are freaking beautiful. Even if you’re not a heavy gamer or a gamer at all, just check out some of the gameplay on YouTube and take the time out to appreciate the art. Also, Kevin Spacey. That’s all I wanted to say. Kevin. Spacey. *swoons*


This Outfit:
Shirt – Super7 for Loot Crate
Skirt – Old Navy
Tights – xhilaration for Target
Shoes – Reneeze
Scarf – Old Navy (not online)

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Testing out my new lens








I’ve been looking a different types of lenses and attachments for getting back into photography as a side job this year, and I think I’m getting to a point where I have everything I need. The best and worst part of all this shopping is the testing phase. Since all of my items are getting purchased online, I have to really do my research, wait for it to come in, test and ship back if it’s not what I’m looking for.

Right now, I’m having fun with my Wide Angle and Macro combo lens. It’s pretty awesome so far. Still not 100% sure this is exactly what I’m looking for, but for $10 it’s staying in my set. I wanted something that I could use with my 50mm lens on my Nikon D3100 that would give me a little bit more in my photos. While it’s not something I’d be able to use very often for events or portrait sessions, I can definitely see myself getting a LOT of use out of it for my blog, which was something I wanted but wasn’t really actively seeking out. I had some fun learning more about my camera last night also. A friend of mine has been taking the time to explain some of the more advanced aspects of my camera and encouraging me to move outside my comfort zone of shooting and fixing it in post later. I have to say that I’m already more impressed with my photos and I was just fooling around and not really trying to go for anything specific with my shots last night.

I’m pretty stoked for a maternity session I have this Saturday. I’ll be meeting the mommy-to-be-again, her hubby and their three little ones at the park for a sweet shoot amongst the trees and leaves. She’s about a month out, so we’ve planned for the possibility of the maternity session switching to a newborn session! So wonderful, much excitement.

My next purchase will be for an external flash. I have an indoor event coming up in December and I will desperately be playing the testing game this month on a few ring ones I have my eye on. Until next time!

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NaNoWriMo 2014 – Day 1


It’s that special time of year again! NaNoWriMo 2014 is officially in full swing and I am so excited/nervous/stressed/happy!

In case you’re new, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writer’s Month and aims to help it’s participants knock out 50,000 words in 30 days. This special month happens every year, and has been since 1999. They’ve help hundreds of thousands of writers get through the writing process of their beloved stories, ranging from fiction to nonfiction to fanfiction!

This year, my goal is to finish a Harry Potter fanfiction story I started years and years ago called The Gap Between Now & Forever. I managed to get through half the story back in 2012 and complete the 50k word count challenge, but not finish the story itself. In 2013, I attempted to start a different story and barely put a dent in it. Here’s to hoping I can get through my word count this year!

If you will be participating in NaNoWriMo this year, drop me a link to your profile so I can add you as a buddy and we can commiserate together. It’s always nice to have someone you can turn to for ideas, advice and keeping you on track! If you’re out for ideas, be sure to check out the forums to get in touch with the wonderful community for feedback and more!

Good luck, fellow Wrimos! LET THE WRITING BEGIN!

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