Straight Stitchin: I relearned how to crochet a granny square


My grandma taught me how to crochet when I was really little. My mom helped with the teachings, but it was mainly Grandma showing me the ropes (pun intended). I have very tiny, vague memories of circles and squares, never really going beyond the basic steps and lingo. My attention span was never quite long enough despite how interested I was in the art. I tried again several years ago but came up really short on skill, time, and patience for the beanie and scarf I was attempting to make. Neither of them came out very well, so throwing them away during a recent purge wasn’t a huge loss.



This photo probably has the truest colors of the yarn. I apologize for not having very good night lighting in my apartment.

Needing a break from scrapbooking, daily work life stresses and heavy real life shit as of late, I went through my art supplies and pulled out the ol’ hook and yarn to give it another whirl. After 4 attempts at making a granny square as directed by Jayda InStitches on YouTube, I managed to make one! It’s sloppy and uneven, but I did it! My goal this evening is to swing by the store and grab some lighter color yarn to work with. I will eventually try making multi-colored ones in the future. For now, my focus is on making these consistently and correctly every single time. I figure I can always piece together the practice pieces as a spare or donated blanket. It’s really quite exciting, though!

What I used:

My goal this weekend is to get at least one more color and a hook smaller than what I’m working with. It seems like most tutorials are seeking a smaller size, and with Joann’s ridiculously awesome sale going on right now I can’t find a reason not to.

Do you crochet or knit? Have you ever posted your stuff out there for the world to see, like on Pinterest or Craftster? Let me know! If you crochet as well and are looking for some neat ideas, I’ve been posting a lot lately to my Legit Stitches board on Pinterest. Check it out!

Dorky Dishes: Bento boxes make lunch fun!



I love the art of making bento boxes. Whenever I look at bento box art online, I just think to myself: why aren’t all meals this adorable and artistic all the time?! The art originates in Japan, where most things that are awesome originate from. These little lunch packs are filled with shaped goodies that make it easy to want to eat the things you might not normally eat on the sheer basis that it’s cute, like carrots. I don’t like carrots, but I’ll eat it if it’s shaped like a flower or a bear. And because I’m an adult and can make adult decisions for myself, I decided to make myself Octopus hotdogs with rice as my first attempt at a bento box. Though I don’t have a lot of the tools that are necessary for making bentos what they are, I still wanted to share with you guys this process.

I’m using a Fit & Fresh Kids’ Bento Lunch Kit with Insulated Carrier in Black & White Floral that I got at my local Home Goods store, but you can really use anything as long as it can store the food you’re trying design with. For being a kid’s lunch box, this is actually pretty big. This one is great because it also came with 2 little containers that fit inside and 2 ice blocks that snap into the lid, plus a little bag that the main container stores nicely in for travel. I highly recommend using something along the lines of this with separators unless you have silicone cupcake liners. The paper ones really don’t work well. I’m using them until I can get used to making my lunches every day and because I have a really large collection I’d like to work through (I sorta collect cupcake liners).

What’s in my bento?

  • 2 Oscar Mayer Beef Franks cut in half with the bottom halves cut into quarters (I pan fried after cutting to make it keep shape)
  • About 1 cup of Jasmine rice (cooked in a rice cooker and not a pot because that’s weird)
  • 1 string cheese cut in half (mainly so it would fit)
  • 1 Baby Bel
  • Half a banana sliced
  • 4 strawberries cut into quarters

A few other things that I have set aside for today are a small container of Sriracha, a small container of popcorn, a small container of cream cheese, and an English muffin.

Have you ever made fun and/or weird designs with your food? Have you ever had a true bento box? I’ve also recently began doing pancake art. I haven’t posted anything because I’m pretty sure kindergartners have made better designs with lesser tools, but I’m learning!

I made my first Let’s Play video!

You guys, I did it. I made a Let’s Play video for my YouTube channel and I posted it and NOW IT’S A THING THAT EXISTS! I’ve been wanted to do something with my channel outside of fan-made music videos (all of which have been removed, sorry guys) for years now, but had a very hard time deciding what exactly I wanted to do. As much as I would love to do vlogs, I just don’t have time for the hours of editing they can sometimes take.

So, I’ve been working on my gameplay skillz and ideas. I tried Twitch. It’s hard to get followers for a Twitch channel when you play Sims 4 and have no following. After two tries, I realized it wasn’t quite for me. My focus now is to share my love of games with others! I doubt I’ll be as big as my favs iJustine, AviatorGames and theRadBrad, but just being able to play and share and have to the ability to say that I wanted to do something and accomplished it is great in and of itself. I’ve learned a lot about how the process works and what I need to work on for future videos already, and it’s only been the first video I’ve done! As long as nothing crazy pops up in my schedule, I’ve already planned to make another video this evening.

Man, you guys. I’m so pumped! What was the last time you guys had an accomplishment that made you feel pumped or jazzed up? I wanna hear about it! I don’t care if it’s “small” because, if I’ve learned anything, it’s that the smallest accomplishments can mean the world and are worth getting excited for and sharing.

Life of a Bridesmaid: Megan’s Bridal Shower







Seriously, how adorable is this set up? Melissa, the Maid of Honor, put together a lovely bridal shower for Megan a couple of weekends ago. We played a game where we tried to guess Megan’s age in photographs and a game where we were challenged on how well we knew the bride. I was busy running around taking photos, but I know if I had played I would have gotten 3 right on the second game! I even got to see a photo of her and Mike together when they were wee little ones playing with green army men together. It was adorable! Their aunt’s house was filled to the brim with family and friends, and the presents table was overflowing with gifts! Megan walked home with almost everything from her registry, including 3 of the same breakfast grill! Gotta love it when the registry doesn’t update.






And the treats! Oh the treats! Alongside my slowly-becoming-famous cheesecake cupcakes and Rachel’s best-in-the-world homemade Rice Crispy Treats, Melissa had also provided grapes, crackers and cheese, lemon bundt cake and the cutest cupcakes ever! It was such a fun party.

Have you ever had or have been to a bridal shower or wedding shower? The last one I went to was the wedding shower for Josh and Chelsea last June. I’m sure I went to tons with my mom when I was younger, but there’s no way I’d be able to remember them these days. For girls, would you rather have a bridal shower or a wedding shower? Wedding showers seem to be more for both the bride and the groom. As a guy, would you be down to share the spotlight with your lady at the wedding shower? Are you sad that groom showers don’t exist? LET ME KNOW! I love ready your comments!