Review: Sailor Moon Crystal, Episode 1-6


In case you weren’t aware, the Sailor Moon series has been rebooted as Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal in honor of the manga series’ 20th anniversary. Toei Animation set out to make this series much more true to the manga, and though I haven’t had the pleasure of reading it, I can say they’ve been doing an amazing job of the series so far.

Sailor Moon is the story of Usagi Tsukino, a teenage girl who discovers she is chosen to wield the power of Sailor Moon, Guardian of Justice. She, and several other guardians, are tasked in searching for the Legendary Silver Crystal and protect it from the evil hands of Queen Beryl. Along the way, she meets the elusive Tuxedo Mask and the team finds the whereabouts of the Moon Princess. The question is, can the Sailor Guardians find the Legendary Silver Crystal before Queen Beryl can take over our world as we know it?

As a fan of the original 90’s series, learning that many of the original voice actors came back to reprise their roles on the series was awesome! Whenever a show or movie is redone, there’s always that concern that it won’t be what is was in a bad way. While the animation style was – and still sort of is – hard to get used to, it’s done so brilliantly and seamlessly that I can’t help but fall in love with the series all over again.

The pace of the series also goes a lot faster than the original. The reboot does away many of the filler episodes and moments that really had no place in the series. For example, Sailor Mercury doesn’t get her powers until episode 8 of 90’s SM, whereas Ami gets her power in episode 2 of SMC. We don’t even get Sailor Jupiter until episode 25 or Sailor Venus until episode 33 of the 90s version. Though my review of the series is only up to episode 6, I’ve seen Sailor Venus show up in this past Saturday’s episode (#8). I get that this was originally done to probably extend the life of the series and get more character development or get more fun episodes outside of the main storyline, but it’s nice not having to wait until almost the end of the season to get to see all 5 Sailor Guardians together.

Either way, it’s a great time to be a Sailor Moon fan and have a Hulu account. If you are new to Sailor Moon or a returning fan, catch new episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month, and two new rereleased episodes of the 90’s Sailor Moon anime every Monday. You have to be a Hulu Plus account holder to watch, though. I’ve had my Hulu Plus account for almost 2 years now (if not longer) and I don’t think I could ever cancel it. It’s only $7.99 a month and you get the first 2 weeks for free. It’s my cheapest and most rewarding monthly subscription to date. There’s tons of other great anime (I’ve seen Chobits, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, and Bleach), a bunch of FOX shows, and had a chance to preview the new Fall shows.

Happy binge watching!

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6 Tips for a Successful Move


I’ve moved four times within my hometown in the last six years. My first move was out of my parents into a studio apartment across the street. Two years later, I moved downstairs from my place into a 2-bedroom with a friend. Several months after that, I moved into a 2-bedroom across town and a friend moved in with me for a bit. Less than a year after that, I moved back to my old complex into a 1-bedroom where I have lived for the past 2+ years. In a couple of days, I will officially be a resident of Lodi, CA. I’m really excited about this move. The apartment is spacious and adorable, and happens to be in a happy medium place between my folks’ place and my 8-to-5.

I have to say, though, that moving has it’s wonderful up and epic downfalls. There are a few tips and tricks that I’ve learned these last few moves that I think are very important to keep in mind when moving.

1. Keep in mind how much crap you have. The more you have, the earlier you should start packing. If you’re moving from one rental unit to another, chances are you won’t have a whole lot of time to get your shit from Point A to Point B. Start off with packing the things you can live with out the longest first, and end with a handful of things you’ll need to get by until you can start unpacking. I only really have the weekends to pack up my place, so I started packing during the first few days of my 30-day notice with my books, photos and winter shoes. The last few items I have left to pack will all be going into a reusable bag and hauled over first to the new place. Same with clothes; keep on hand what you can make do with. The less you have to worry at the last minute, the better.

Good items to keep on hand unpacked:

  • Paper plates, plastic cutlery, and plastic cups
  • One mug per person
  • Frying pan
  • Spatula
  • Knife for cutting

2. Trash and Donation piles are very important, because you don’t need all of your crap. Think of moving as if it were Spring Cleaning Day. As you go through junk drawers and cabinets and your closet, think really hard if you need those pairs of jeans that haven’t fit in 3 years or that chopping mat that has seen better days. Are they easily replaceable? Have you already replaced and forgotten about them? Keep in mind that most things are recyclable and there are people out there who could use or want the items collecting dust in your home.

3. Clear out usable space(s) for your boxed up stuff. Your things will disappear fast, but your boxes will pile up faster than you will realize. The problem with small places also means limited space for boxes. When cabinets and closets start being empty, look into shoving boxes back in to save floor space. This is especially good if these items happen to be fragile and need to be kept out of harms way.

4. Label and organize the items in your box properly. Most people moving will end up with an odd variety of sizes and shapes for moving their things. Work with it rather than against it. Boxes that aren’t very deep can be perfect for plates, frames and documents. Exceptionally large boxes can be perfect for holding pillows or other light-weighted items (thinking about your back’s safety here, people). Keep items that are from the same room together in the same box so you’re not running from room to room when unpacking. May seem logical, but sometimes logic escapes us when we’re rushing around trying to make sure a hundred different plans all go accordingly. Many people have stated that color coding your boxes helps as well. Assign different colored tape or ink to specific rooms.

5. Lock down your help ahead of time. Don’t assume you’ll have vehicles or help; lock that shit down. Have backup plans for your backup plans. Seriously. I once had to move and had a few friends agree to help when I asked. All but one bailed and I was left scrambling to figure out how I was going to get all my stuff moved. If you have it available in your budget, I highly suggest using a moving van from Uhaul or equivilant. Moving vans help with cutting down the number of trips and the amount of time getting your stuff around. If you think it’ll be more, consider how much it’ll cost in gas to get multiple vehicles around versus one.

6. Personal safety is a thing: protect yo self. I cannot stress this enough. Don’t make your boxes heavier than you can carry or use larger boxes that will tempt you to over pack and weigh down even more. You will hurt yourself and being out of commission during a move with a tight schedule doesn’t help anyone. If you know you’re going to putting your body through more than it can handle, consider a back brace, schedule ahead of time a visit with a chiropractor or masseuse, and have the pain reliever on hand.

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Nerd Cave: Loot This Storybook Home


One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six

Your home can be turned into a storybook-inspired home really easily and for not a whole lot of cash.

Change up your bed frame with Ikea’s LEIRVIK bed frame and decorate it with a bed net or a pretty and simple garland, like this branch and star one from Joann’s. Using a fluffy white bed set will make you feel like royalty every time you wake up. I love Uncommonly Goods’ Cardboard Unicorn Head! It makes for such a good conversational piece and looks awesome against colored walls. Show off your love of books and enhance your collection with some book pillows. ThinkGeek has these fluff blocks, one of them being a stay-open book of Alice in Wonderland.

Another element that is common in fairytales is that everyone has tea time. I’m a huge fan of tea, teacups and mugs. I have more drinking paraphernalia than plates and bowls combined. If you’re looking to grow your teacup/mug collection, visit your local thrift/vintage shops. The bigger the variety, the better. Etsy also has a huge search result for teacups and quite a few mixed style sets for sale. Many times, thrift stores will sell a complete china collection of plates, bowls, saucers and teacups for 6+ people.

With a little elbow grease and a lot of imagination, you can really do a lot to add that feeling of having stepped into a book. Kate from Kate’s Creative Space showed us how we can take doors meant for dollhouses and turn them into in-wall homes of elves, fairies, and mice alike. I can’t wait until I move into my new place and see how long it’ll take people to notice the little dwelling!

What other type of storybook-inspired piece would you add into your home? Leave me a comment below with a link!

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Looted: Unboxing #DoMore with Degree from Influenster


My friend Lauren over at Beer Up Your Life recently convinced me to sign up for Influenster, a site where they send you products (samples and full sizes) for free and ask that you review the product. It’s such a great program because if the product is crap, it can help others not waste their hard-earned dollar. On the flip side, if it’s a great product this service can help promote it across the board and get people in the know. I recently got my first box for their #DoMore campaign with Degree’s MotionSense deodorant in Fresh Energy.

Let’s be real here, guys. Everyone needs to wear this stuff, but not everyone can use the same types. I believe this was Degree’s attempt at making a deodorant for women to help with long lasting protection and fragrance when exercising. Unfortunately, I’m not big on the whole exercise train like I should be, but I woke up this morning and thought, “Why not? Might as well try it since I’ve got it.”

Initial Thought: This actually smells really good. It’s not over powering and it’s not strong, but you can definitely smell it. For the first hour I had it on, I’d get a whiff of it every time I moved my arms. The strength of the smell has gone down since then. It glided on very smoothly and doesn’t appear to have left white markings on my clothes like many deodorants tend to do.

End of Day Thoughts: Overall, not bad of a product. It gets the job done and smells good while doing it. I can definitely see myself recommending this product to any of my female friends who are in the market for a deodorant that’s a step above your normal stick. Because I’m not a very active person, I think I’ll stick to my regular choice of Secret, but I would definitely keep this in mind for when I get my gym membership and start working up a sweat. Luckily, I’ve got a full size stick from Influenster to get me through a true trial period.

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Happy First Day of Fall!



Happy Autumnal Equinox Day, everyone! Or, in other words, HAPPY FIRST DAY OF FALL, Y’ALL!

So, my neck of the woods is still looking like Summer, but the cooler mornings and nights are helping feed my excitement for my favorite season of all time: Fall! What’s there to not love about Fall?! The leaves on trees changing their colors and fluttering to the ground, the cool breeze sweeping over your skin while it’s being kissed by the sun, getting to dress in a mix of summer and winter layers. If I had it my way the start of the year would be the Autumnal Equinox. As a child, my plan was to have a home in different areas of the world and live in those homes only during the fall season of that area. I had planned that I would live my life in an eternal chase for Fall.

The start of Fall also means the start of the holiday season and very special dates! Halloween, NaNoWriMo, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and eventually ending it all with Fourth of July! Additionally, I get to move into my new place soon! *twirls in a tiny pile of leaves*

How can you not love Fall when it leads to such exciting days ahead?!


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Captain’s Log: #ANerdGoesToNapa








Napa-9 Napa-10




Ok, I’m just start this off with a ripped bandaid: I was in Napa last month when the 6.0 earthquake hit at 3 in the morning.

My mom had planned this great, relaxing yearly family trip to Napa, CA months and months ago. She was so stoked about the trip mainly due to the Napa Valley Wine Train she managed to get us tickets for and keep even after 3 different reschedules. The neat thing about this train is that it takes you into St. Helena and back to Downtown Napa, all while serving you local wines and super fancy hors d’oeuvres, appetizers, dinners and desserts. Seriously, the silverware is actual vintage silverware. We starting in the wine tasting car, where we were served a starting glass of wine (me a glass of Merlot, my mom a glass of Chardonnay), along with a plate of  slices of sourdough bread with different cheeses and prosciutto, a Serrano pepper, seaweed salad, grapes and more. At one point, I managed to get to the back of the train (we were in the last car) and get photos of the vast Napa Valley and some of the side of the train.

Once we were moved into the dinner car and our order was placed, we were treated to a hot towel to clean our hands with, a salad, and more bread. I can’t begin to explain how amazing the food was! We didn’t even manage to finish our meals after stuffing our faces full of the fancies and wine. We end the evening with coffee all around, Crème Brûlée and a chocolate cake (with a candle for me to blow out). They gave me a small pack of cork coasters with the train logo on them as a souvenir for going for my (sorta) birthday. It was a slow start to the evening, but picked up a lot around dinner. We made it home around 11 and we all eventually passed out in our fluffy beds around midnight.

The earthquake hit just before 3 in the morning on Sunday. News reports said 3:30a, but we were out in the parking lot by a few minutes after 3. I was jolted awake by my mother’s yelling and spent the remaining time being unsure of whether or not the building was going to collapse down on us. The second it stopped, I did what I was always taught in school to do: head for cover under a door frame. So there we were, my dad still waking up and blind as a bat without his glasses, my mom freaking out and praying loud for Jesus to save us, and me trying to keep everyone from talking about how we’re gonna die.

Once I had my wits a bit more about me, I took a chance and ran back to the night stand in the middle of the room for my cell phone just in case we needed to call 911 for any reason. Naturally, it was on the way back to the bathroom that I ended up tripping and taking a chunk out of my toe on a dresser drawer and then trip on all the additional dresser drawers, a TV, a shelf, my dad’s cane, and the microwave. All within a 10-foot walk. *takes a graceful bow* You have no idea how happy and grateful I am that this is all that happened. Then, we got the fuck out of that building. Fast. Naturally, my clumsy ass was the only person who got hurt in our hotel.

In the thick of it, I didn’t get any photos. I did get some accidental footage while using my phone’s video camera flash to navigate my mom and I back in the hotel room an hour later to grab our stuff, but nothing you can really make much from. Turns out the shelf behind the TV fell, knocked the TV over and the dresser drawers fell on top of that. The microwave crashed to the ground, as well as my suitcase and stand. My makeup was thrown to the floor and my favorite eyeshadow was shattered. My dad’s glasses rolled under the bed for their own safety and his cane laid untouched in the middle of the floor. The wine bottles stayed safe, as did we. We cut out of Napa at 5a and managed to avoid the issues most were experiencing by taking an alternate route. 20 minutes out of Napa we finally saw power again.

We were extremely lucky to have not been Downtown when the earthquake hit like my mom had originally tried desperately hard to have us stay, and the public was far luckier that it had not happened during the Blues, Brews and BBQ event that was in the Downtown Napa area where many of the historical buildings fell apart. I’m very much convinced that this unfortunate event happening in the middle of the night while everyone was tucked safely into their beds. My heart goes out to those individuals, as well as those who’s homes and businesses were destroyed in the quake.

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We must defend Net Neutrality

This is the battle for the net

Major cable companies want to slow down (and break!) your favorite sites, for profit. Join us (and sites like Google, Reddit, Etsy, and Mozilla) in the Internet slowdown today and sign in favor for Net Neutrality.

I’m in. Are you in?


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My site crashed + a life update


If you’ve been seeing this symbol around the site lately, it’s because my website blew up randomly about 2 weeks ago. I got really upset and disappeared from my blog and all of the posts I’d been working on. Images? Gone. Posts? Gone. Installations? Gone. Backups? Gone.

Gone. Gone. Gone. Everything. All my other sites, though? Totally fine. Wtf, right? And all of this just a couple days after I woke up in Napa to a 6.0 earthquake and had my life rattled.

I got lucky, though. The database was still intact, I had saved all of my images in a well-organized folder off-domain. I had to step away for a bit. You understand, right? Over a year’s worth of blogging, gone in an instant and the most that could be found was that an approved update that I never actually did broke the whole damn thing somehow.

Additionally, I’m moving! I’m so excited about it, you guys! I’ve been wanting out of that apartment for a few years now and have been hunting for an affordable place that’s very similar to the one I have now in the next town over. As of October 1st, I will be an official resident of Lodi, CA. Still not sure how I feel about that. This means that I’m going to be pretty much absent this month while I work on a new layout, some new content, and get settled in.

Thanks for being patient with me guys!

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Nerd Cave: Inspiration – Storybook Home





gnome home




One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six // Seven // Eight

Who says you can’t live in your favorite storybook? You know, other than the limitations of reality? You can always find ways to incorporate the things you love in life into your home. Take these homes for example. Each dweller found a way to place little to major aspects of the storybook life into their home.

Simple elements can mean a big difference when creating your storybook home. Swap your bed frame for a wrought iron bed. You can find wonderful and sturdy vintage ones at large antique stores, or cheat a bit for a lower out-of-pocket cost by getting a newer one. String fairy lights outside on a tree, bush, potted plant or railing will add a spot of whimsy that might not have been there before. Display that giant book collection for the world to see, even if they aren’t all super old, cloth hardcover novels. Branches on the wall are great for hanging jewelry, scarves, ties, and hanging ornament collectibles that aren’t limited to Christmas time usage.

Practice that speech in front of an ornate mirror in the hallway or bedroom instead of that cheap, simple framed one you have from an antique store, home goods store or street faire. Display all of your teacups in open shelving in your kitchen. Other dwellers chose to place in character elements to really make their theme stand out. A silhouette of Peter Pan’s shadow through a lamp shade. Bring the outdoors in with moss terrariums, silk vines wrapped around things, or single red roses placed near books.

A mouse hole cut out with an actually mouse collectable and house design in the crown moulding that also doubles as a night light. A knocker on a door with a hand holding an apple that closely resembles Snow White’s hand right before the apple falls from her cold, limp hand. Introducing these elements to start with will make you feel like you stepped into a magical land in no time.

Struggling to think of what could be bought and where it could be placed? I’ll be coming back soon with everything you’ll want on your starting wishlist to help you live happily ever after!

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Nerd Cave: Loot This Science Kitchen


One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six // Seven // Eight // Nine


Ten // Eleven // Twelve // Thirteen // Fourteen // Fifteen // Sixteen // Seventeen // Eighteen

Looking for the perfect products to create your science themed kitchen? Look no further! I’ve put together a clean set of tools you’ll want in your home lab!

Erlenmeyer Flasks and test tubes are the perfect containers to keep your cooking liquids and spices on your shelves. These items were built to keep things contained and fresh. Not good with the metric system? A lot of the pieces designed for the home will have the oz. and cup equivalents.

For parties, look toward Think Geek’s Chemist’s Cocktail Set for a fun new way to do shots with your friends. Add a little dry ice for a smokey effect. Give your guests something to look forward to during dinner as you work your way through the lasagna dish to see the period table etch into the bottom of GoneGirly’s laser engraved Pyrex with lid. End the evening with a round of coffee, allowing everyone to pour their sugar in with Milk & Hone Luxuries’ stamped Sucrose molecule spoon.

Amazon, Think Geek, Williams-Sonoma and Etsy have a lot of great products both custom and mass-produced that would be perfect additions to your home. If you’re looking for older pieces, then you should definitely check out sites like ebay or School Outfitters to find lab stools and more. Old lab stools can be easily cleaned and polished to make them look like new or accentuate their imperfections.

Have a favorite science-themed piece you think should be known about? Leave my a comment down below with a link!

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