Geek Chic: Fancy New Tie from Black Tie Geek




Yesterday was just one of those days where nothing was going to go right and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I left the house SUPER stoked about getting all fancy for my new Black Tie Geek from this month’s Loot Crate box. Had my makeup all done nice and pretty, and even made it down the stairs without falter. Get in my car, realize it is now 8:01a and I am going to be super late for work. I end up behind a truck 2 blocks away from my work that extends my lateness by 3 minutes. I get to work and realize I’ve forgotten my badge. I try to adjust my bun at my desk and then the hair tie snaps. I place an order with Kate Spade during my break and accidentally place 2 separate orders on a clearance item instead of one (which they were able to fix, luckily). I go to use the bathroom and realize the waistband on my pants has a giant hole in it from the waist band seam falling apart from the pants themselves and you can now see my white shirt that’s tucked into my waist band. After Kristen generously took these pictures for me at a different break period, I realized that my sweater was, in fact, longer than my jacket than previously thought (but whatever because it’s freaking freezing right now). The padding nail at the base of one of these heels fell out before the end of the work day. And I ran my toes dead straight on into the legs of my coffee table when trying to get my shoes on that night. There were a few other misgivings that I didn’t include which were work related and involving a twice-failed Chipotle order.

It was truly one of those days where sometimes you just have to give up and lay down in defeat. The best part of the night was getting my recently created Jedi Knight in Star Wars: The Old Republic to her second planet and managing to not do one evil thing. It’s strange how trying to make a good character stay good is so difficult. Now, I kind of miss playing as my Bounty Hunter.

This Outfit:
Jacket – Ambiance
Sweater – Target (old)
Shirt – GAP (similar)
Tie – Black Tie Geek via Loot Crate
Tie bar –  Borrowed from Mike
Pants – Target (old)
Shoes – ShoeDazzle (old)
Purse – ThinkGeek
Sunglasses – Loot Crate

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Nerd Cave: Harry Potter-Inspired Living Room


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In this month’s Nerd Cave series, I’m showing you guys my Harry Potter-inspired Living Room ideas. I love having non-discrete elements in my home that remind me of geeky things without necessarily being from the specific franchises. It’s like having a little secret for me. Especially with a lot of pieces like these, because it makes me feel far more immersed in the Potterverse than I might with something that blanantly says “Harry Potter”.

Harry Potter will always have a strong hold on my heart. Still having a fairly blank slate of a living room to work with, my mind has been stewing and brewing with ideas of how to incorporate little elements into to make it feel a little more Diagon Alley and a little less real Muggle World struggles.


nine | ten | eleven | twelve | thirteen | fourteen | fifteen | sixteen

Though a lot of this can’t be done in my current living space due to the fact that it’s a rented apartment, I’m keeping these ideas close to my heart for the day I can walk into my own owned space and decorate the hell out of it. I love the exploded skulls and articulated skeletons so much. I originally became fascinated with them after watching a few episodes of Oddities on SyFy. I’m very much a black and white interior design kind of gal, loving how small pieces of color stand out so much more. You can most definitely create these looks with more woodsy, country, and brass design styles.

You can check out these ideas and more that I’ve Pinned on my Home Sweet Home board on Pinterest. If you see a number on here that you’d like a little more information of, or where you can find that item or similar, let me know in the comments below and I’ll help you out!

Sometimes, I like to think that Snape and I could have been decent roomies. Just sayin’.

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Portrait Studio: Megan & Brian’s Engagement Photos


This weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot my first engagement portrait session for Megan and Brian, who’s wedding I’ll be in this coming April! I met up with the couple and the three of us drove to Lincoln Farmhouse in Stockton to take the photos. A few months ago, Megan and Brian attended a friend’s wedding here and knew this was the spot they want for the engagement photos. We’ve been really lucky that the weather hasn’t been awful like it typically is. Though the grounds were being worked on, we were still able to find wonderful, beautiful areas to shoot near. You can check out their full photo set here on my Facebook page!









This session was so much fun that it really restored my love of photography. Each session is a learning experience that I find myself able to take so much away from. Each time, I discover a new area of the spaces I’ve spent my life around. I’m really looking forward to the next photography opportunity that comes my way.

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Geek Chic: Workout Wears



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Working out is hard, you guys. It’s so much work, I really don’t like sweating, and workout clothing and shoes. Sometimes, I just look at workout wears and get tired.

Luckily, I managed to find some neat geek chic workout wears at Look Human and ThinkGeek! Racerback tanks are always great because they’re light enough shirts to not overheat your body and look cute with a fun colored or plain black sports bra. Have a nerd shirt of your own that you’re willing to cut up? There are plenty of tutorials on Pinterest that can help you out.

A lot of women I know prefer to use cropped leggings or shorts when working out. I’m not going to lie to you on this: I don’t shave my legs everyday, so the more pants the better. Yoga pants are the best. I’m not fighting the waist band to stay up and the material is light and loose enough for me to move freely. ThinkGeek has some really adorable gamer and Sci-Fi-centric yoga pants for a low cost. Plus, purchases made with ThinkGeek earn you points that can be redeemed for other in-store goodies!

Can we talk about this amazing sports bra that I found on ThinkGeek’s site, too? It’s a smart bra and available as a shirt as well. It syncs up via bluetooth to your mobile device to track the exercise you do. Look into this, achievement hunters and statistic lovers alike! The info that is projected seems really awesome. According to the site, the bra runs really small so don’t let your feelings get hurt if you have to buy a large size when you’re normal in smalls.

What do you normally put on when you work out? Right now, I’m using an old shirt that I got for The Office years ago and a Taz shirt I found at Target last summer with some black yoga pants I got way back in the day from Victoria’s Secret. I really need new workout wears, ha ha!

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My Last Event Photography Session – Ieda’s 18th Debut


Last month, I had my last event photography session shooting Ieda’s 18th Debut. In Filipino culture, a girl has her debut on 18th birthday as a way of her parents being able to present her to society as a woman, though I know of some girls who have had their debuts on their 16th birthday. If you’re familiar with Quinceañeras you’ll get the concept a little better.







A Filipino Debut is a formal event. The debutante has an entourage made of her, her escort, 8 girls, and 8 boys. The entourage commonly includes siblings, as well as friends from all cultures. It is tradition that entourage does a waltz dance upon entering the hall.

Additionally, there is the tradition of the 18 candles and 18 roses. For the 18 roses portion (traditionally white, but I haven’t seen that in a while), important males in the girl’s life present her one rose and dance a short time with her until all 18 roses have been presented, starting with the girl’s father or equivalent and ending with family friends. Similarly structured, the 18 candles are a series of speeches given to the debutante by important females in the girl’s life.

Special performances are done, a cake is cut and served after a hearty dinner, and then everyone dances!  Sadly, I did not get a debut because reasons, but I’ve already decided that any future daughters I produce will definitely get this amazing opportunity!










I started doing photography years ago as a means of providing families a more affordable option for wedding and event photography, while also saving up for my true dream: starting my own business. While this is not my last photography gig, it is definitely the last event gig I’ll be doing, and I’m very glad it was this one! Happy birthday, Ieda!

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Five Essentials for Staying Productive


With so much happening right off the bat at the beginning of the year, I have to make sure that I stay focused in order to accomplish some of the major goals I have to meet. Right now, my biggest focus is on getting my store up and running, which still involves creating graphics, reshooting photographs and listing the inventory. It may not seem like a lot, but the number of hours that have to be poured in are more than I have available. I’m making it work, though, and thought I’d share with you guys my five essentials for staying productive!

1. Schedule your time wisely. Having ADHD, this has always been a huge struggle. My life binder has 2-page calendar spreads from Let’s Celebrate Love on Etsy, and I use these Post-It Flags for events or tasks that can easily be moved on my schedule. Each color flag represents a different topic and each ink color signifies a different type of task to complete (bills, payday, due dates). I always make sure I include a time, if possible, and not schedule more than 2 or 3 things in one day.

2. Avoid distractions. Turn the phone on silent and flip upside down if you can. Choose this time to charge the game controllers or game systems to full battery. Play some instrument music rather than music you might be tempted to sing along with and search for similar songs of. In this case, I recommend the instrumental hip hop station on Pandora. Ask you family/roommates/significant others to not bother you for at least a full hour so you can have some peaceful work time. You’d be surprised at home much you can get done.

3. Try to have all your resources in one spot to avoid further delays in your project’s progress. We tend to take unnecessary breaks in our projects because we don’t have all of our ducks in a row. Sometimes, you can’t avoid it. Be sure your printer is stocked full of paper and replacement ink cartridges are at the ready. Have extra writing paper, pencils, highlighters and pens for jotting. I got lucky and was able to get all the paperwork I needed for getting my business documents in order in one day, but because I didn’t have my new lights in yet I have to wait until this weekend and next weekend to shoot the photos for the store. Sometimes, funding can also a resource you need to gather the things required to start a new business. I was lucky enough to have saved up for this venture over a long period of time, but not everyone has that option. Kabbage is a great financial resource for getting loans for your small business. The application process is fairly easy, and the great thing about them is that they have mobile apps for you to watch your loan process, request another loan, or pay yours off! Be sure to check out their media reviews lower on the first page.

4. Take breaks when you can, but not for too long or take too many. The last thing you want to do is burn out on working. It could leave you unmotivated to continue your project. For every 2 hours you work, allow yourself a 10 minute web break to check your social accounts, email, or get a snack. Don’t count bathroom breaks, because that’s not really fair. If you’ve been working for 8+ hours straight, give yourself at least a 30 minute break to walk outside, take a lap around the house, get something to eat, or just watch a TV show and zone out on the couch for a bit. Pushing yourself to accomplish goals is one thing. Pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion is another.

5. Give yourself rewards for accomplishing certain tasks as an incentive to finish. The gold star sticker system works. The rewards I give myself are small, but help keep me motivated for taking on the next big project. Sometimes, it’s sushi. Other times, it can be a new outfit. Be proud of yourself and show yourself some much needed appreciation for all the hard work you do!

What are something you do to keep yourself productive? I’m always looking for looking for new ways to stay fresh and keep moving forward.

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Life of a Bridesmaid: Finding My Dress


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As I’ve stated before here, I’ll be standing by my boyfriend’s sister, Megan, while she says “I do” to her fiancee, Brian. I’m so stoked since it’ll be the first time I’ll be a bridesmaid in a wedding!

All of the bridesmaids will be wearing a short, black dress of their choice with gold glitter heels. It’s really awesome and stressful that I’ll have the option of what I wear. Black dresses are a staple piece in every female’s wardrobe. The problem is that I want all of the dresses! Luckily, I managed to find the perfect heel and got it during Black Friday sale week at Betsey Johnson. The shoes are perfect and fit so well. I knew going into my shopping adventure that having the shoes and trying to find a dress that matched would be a lot easier than finding the dress and struggling to find shoes that matched.

My overall budget for the entire outfit (including an accessories I might need) is $200. It might seem like a lot, but I wanted to make sure I left myself plenty of wiggle room. My grand total for my shoes (with shipping and tax included) came up to $49.93, leaving me $150.07 to work with. My goal is to find a dress under $100.

I’ve known for a while now that my dress will be purchased through I love the styles of their dresses and I know their pieces will work really well for me. Also, they currently have the best black fit & flare dresses I can find that would work for this event.

Now all that’s left for me to do is decide which one of these pretties will be coming home to me!

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Geek Chic: Second Age


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You know what I love? Small businesses. Even more than that, I love shops run by nerds and geeks alike. It can be difficult for a nerd to get some sweet nerd swag at an affordable cost. This past weekend, I found the cutest little shop run by a sweet lady named Mallory, who runs the shop Second Age.

Mallory started her geek chic shop last year with the intention of selling affordable geek chic accessories and apparel to others. Though her selection is small at the moment, each category has really awesome picks. A lot of which I haven’t seen anywhere else.

If you’re shopping for some new accessories, she has a pretty sweet sale going on right now. Use coupon code “TWENTYFIVEOFF” at the checkout to save 25% on orders $30 or more!

I’ve picked out my top favorite three. Let me know which ones you would get or have purchased below!

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My 2015 New Year’s Resolutions


I’m not going to lie, kids. Every year, I make resolutions after 6 months of telling myself that I won’t make them. Without fail, I end up not completing any of them. But, I try, and I feel that even a small attempt is a good one. Wouldn’t you agree?

I try to make my resolutions realistic as much as possible. First, I’ll assess what the next year looks like in pre-made plans and try to base some of them around that or expand more on what I’ll already be accomplishing to keep the progress train going. Last year, my goals were pretty simple. Travel more. Get back into the things that make me happy. Work on getting the store up. I traveled a little more than usual, but still not as much as I had wanted (which is fine). I got back into the things that made me happy; sewing, crafting, cooking and baking, gaming. The only aspect I really feel that I failed at was getting the store up. By the time I felt ready, City of Lodi suggested that I wait a few more weeks until the beginning of 2015 since their license run from January 1 to December 31. It’s ok, though, because I still worked towards it and I’m still making it happen.

This year, I’ve decided to expand my resolutions a little bit more:

  • More nail art more often
  • Incorporate Filipino culture more into my life
  • Play more video games
  • Work on and finish 2014 scrapbook
  • Make a quilt
  • Finishing Bulbasaur cross stitch
  • Start actively working out (home or gym)
  • Healthier eating style
  • More regular blog posting
  • Begin eliminating debt
  • Mastering the recipe for ONE mini cake
  • Learn to use fondant
  • Take a class at Joann’s

My goals are small and probably seem more like projects, but they’re mine and ones I know I can accomplish. I’m really confident in these and my ability to finish! But, you know, we’ll see how it all works out at the end of the year. ;)

Have you made any resolutions or goals for the new year? Let me know what they are! If you have a blog post about them, be sure to link in the comments below so I can check them out!

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Masayang Bagong Taon! Kamusta, 2015! (Happy New Year! Hello, 2015!)

Happy New Year, friends! I hope you enjoyed it, whether you slept through it, stayed at home with loved ones, or partied it up with friends! I spent the day reorganizing my kitchen, ha ha!

2015 has just begun, and I’m already having to get into busy work mode! Today, I will going down to the City of Lodi building to apply for my business license! I’m tingling with anticipation and nerves. It’s finally happening, you guys. I’m taking the big step towards my dreams. This one’s for both of us, Grandma!

What I’m looking forward to in 2015:

  • A weekend in Vegas with my parents and Mike for their 31st anniversary
  • Official October Rose Boutique launch (*dances*)
  • Megan’s bridal shower, lingerie party, bachelorette spa day, and wedding
  • Disneyland with Mike and his family
  • Making the last payment on my car (*more dancing*)

So many fun and happy times up ahead to look forward to with so many people that I care for and love! The next 6 months are going to be busy, but I hope they don’t fly by too fast.

Let me know if you have anything in particular you’re looking forward to in 2015, no matter how small or large it might be!

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